Before you buy a mattress, you must check the base that you are going to put the mattress on. It's fine to put a new mattress on a slatted or completely solid all over base. If the base contains springs (I.e. when you push down on it, it moves) you will need to replace the whole bed. The guarantee will be invalidated if the new mattress is put on an old sprung or uneven base.

If this is the case, please go to the bed section.

Mattress types and products :

Open Coil Springs

Modern day open coil mattresses are greatly improved on those of yesteryear. Manufacturers incorporate a variety of spring systems to suit the individuals needs for comfort and support.

Pocket Springs

Housed in individual pockets of fabric that are bound together, each spring is allowed to move independently, therefore moulding to the shape of the body and adjusting to different weights. This system is our favourite and Sue and Keiths choice!

Continuous Springs

This provides even weight distribution from the heaviest part of the body. Continuous Coil units systems are durable and responsive. They consist of many coils that are literally one piece of connected metal and give firm support to mattresses for any size person. By keeping each coil connected, every spring is able to draw support from the adjacent coils and combine comfort with durability.

Products for Mattresses

Marshalls Collection - Castle Supreme 1700 Mattress
Marshalls Collection - Castle Supreme 1000 Mattress
Marshalls Collection - Castle Supreme 1400 Mattress


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