Caring for Cabinet Furniture

Tips that will prolong the good looks of your cabinet furniture:

  • Do not situate furniture near heat sources or air-conditioning. Avoid changes in humidity - particularly steam.
  • Always leave an air gap behind wardrobes and wall units.
  • Protect furniture from strong or prolonged sunlight. Protect against substances which can easily cause scratching/grooving.
  • Protect furniture surfaces from sharp items e.g when using a ball-point pen.
  • Carefully lift your furniture, never drag or push.
  • Do not rock backwards on dining chairs.
  • Always follow the instructions regarding wall fixing and glass surfaces/shelves.

Regular and easy-care maintenance:

  • Gently dust your furniture and polish with a soft lint-free buffing cloth.
  • The colour of real wood matures in light, so it is important to regularly rotate ornaments and expose table leaves to avoid noticeable colour differences occuring.
  • Never use silicon or wax polishes that leave residue on surfaces. Only use good quality wax-free proprietary furniture polish.
  • Disconnect any light fittings from the mains before bulbs are changed.

First Aid:

  • Simply blot up any spills immediately. Do not try to wash or rub spills and do not use detergents.
  • Remove any finger marks with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
  • Protect wood surfaces with felt under cloths and place-mats.


  • Always follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.
  • Assume that all wooden furniture will not resist water, chemicals or heat.
  • Natural wax finishes are porous and stain easily.
  • Most lacquer or synthetic finishes to real wood give a semi-permanent barrier.
  • Man-made foil and melamine may be dusted or wiped with a damp cloth.
  • It is important you seek professional advice.

Remember the simple golden rule - if in doubt - please let us help you.
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