Advice Choosing Cabinet Furniture

Cabinet is the generic term for all timber, dining, lounge, occasional and bedroom furniture. There is a myriad of designs and constructions to suit all tastes and pockets. Fundamentally, your choice falls into two categories:

  1. Solid natural wood or natural wood veneer furniture.
  2. Man-made foil and melamine furniture which provides durability.

Foil and Melamine is extremely durable. Nothing replaces the beauty of real wood, but you must remember solids and natural wood veneers are characterised by small imperfections and shade variations All trees are different and each piece of real wood furniture is unique. Real wood does not stop evolving. Real wood matures with age and settles as it becomes accustomed to its new environment. Yew/Pine darken to a mellow warmth, Mahogany/Cherry will lighten slightly. Strong sunlight will bleach real wood.

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