Advice Choosing Beds

Would you ever consider buying a sofa before trying it? Probably not. Considering that most of us spend over a third of our lives in bed, we invite you to come in and lie on any of our beds to put it through it's paces before you commit to buying.

We say there is no such thing as an ideal bed, only one that suits you. Our sales people want to help you find that bed. A good mattress is only as good as it's base. Most mattresses sold here are 'spring interior' and come in three forms: open coil unit, continuous spring unit and pocket spring.

Why should you 'try before you buy?

  • Your body is the most advanced comfort gauge in the world.
  • Did you know that 60% of adults in Britain annually suffer from back pain?
  • The medical profession generally agree that a new bed, offering the individual person correct support, can help prevent most back problems developing or becoming worse.
  • Beds that are over ten years old, more than likely need replacing.
  • A second hand bed shaped to another persons' needs can leave you tired and irritable.
  • It's no surprise that a good comfortable night's sleep is revitalising.

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